A Hell Of A Wedding


Children are not allowed to attend a wedding reception and they are sent to a cottage at the end of the garden. The children find out that the holders of the wedding reception are drug dealers so they decide to disrupt the party and this is the beginning of the adventure.


Cast and crew

Director :

Reza Khatibi

Producer :

Mohammad Ahmadi

Written’s :  Reza Khatibi & Behrooz Fouroughi Rad

Producer: Mohammad Ahmadi

Production Designer:  Mrhdi Deylami

Cinematographer: Mohammad Ahmadi

Sound Recorder:  Taher Pishvai

Sound Mix:  Ali Reza Alavian

Film Editor : Pegah Ahmadi

Original Music by: Behzad Abdi

Make up Supervisor:  Mohammad Reza Ghomi

Camera Operator: Mohammad Ebrahimian

Production Manager:  Abbas Kalantari

A Kavir Film & choisy.Film production