Rainy Day

The story is narrated by the camera of a girl, one of the film’s characters who is not being seen in the film. She is the daughter of a woman of about 55 years of age (mother of the family) who hashad a dream. She believes the interpretation of her dream is her death. She decides to make a film about her life before she dies and asks her filmmaker daughter to help her. Her daughter believes it requires a lot of money and such filmswith no superstars will not be seen and will be a box-office failure. She tries to dissuade her mother, but the mother is determined to do itanyways.

The mother, whobelieves in the interpretation,sees her death imminent and prepares herself for it. she writes her will and expresses her real feelings towards all her family members in front of her daughter’s camera. Then she goes to the grave of a lost love of her  youth and spends some time to find a vacant grave for herself nearby, she realises how expensive graves have become.

The woman and her husband have a problematic relationship despite their attachment to each other. After she comes back home she asks her husband to pay her back the money she lent him some years ago, although he does not take her seriously and makes a joke of it.

The woman intends to pay some money to compensate for the religious duties she has missed as a Muslim. Therefore, she goes to the mosque to see a woman who teaches religious issues. In there she finds out about the high prices and how much the compensation will cost her.

She needs money desperately because more than wanting to make a film about her life, she wants to make her daughter’s dream – making her first feature film – come true. So, she tries to come up with some money by any means to be able to invite famous actors as her daughter wished.

The woman’s fear and anxiety increases day by day when she sees occurring events that can be interpreted as her approaching death. Seeing her mother’s worry, the daughter decides to make a sacrifice according to her mother’s beliefs. The girl tries to convince her father to help her. However, the father whois fed up with the repetition of such beliefs by his wife does not believe them the least. He complains about his low income and the high cost of living and refuses to help his daughter. The girl decides to make the sacrifice for her mother without his help. She decides to buy a sheep. As she finds out how costly it can be, she decides to sacrifice a rooster instead.

After purchasing the rooster and bringing it home, she gets attached to the bird and changes her mind about sacrificing it. Instead, she keeps the rooster and pays some money to charity.

Desperately in need of money, the mother decides to steal the money she lent her husband. She discusses the matter with her daughter and she finally agrees to help.One night they go to his shop and steal the money. The next morning, however, the man who has found out about the stolen money asks them to return it. Themotherand daughter both start todeny the fact.

The mother and daughter meet a superstar. She does not accept the daughter’s invitation to play in her film, although the mother succeeds in convincing her to work with them. The superstar comes to the location, but she gets tired of the girl and the project’s lack of order and planning after a few hours and leaves. The girl is utterly disappointed while the mother tries to give her hope.

One night in a party, the father calls the mother a thief jokingly. He ridicules the woman and mocks all her feelings andreligious beliefs. The relatives start to laugh which hurts her feelings gravely.

Dispirited and weakened by the pressure caused by fear and anxiety about her imminent death, and feeling lonely and unimportant to her family, the woman decides to leave the house. One morning, she packs up and leaves. However, she regrets it after a short distance and realises that she cannot leave her house and her attachments. She returns home and resumes her daily routine life.

One weekend all children have come to their parents’ house. The mother is not feeling well, but the children do not notice it. The father is waiting for a chance to give the mother a conciliatory present. He looks for the mother in the house. Hearing the grandchildren’s scream, he finds her lying on the floor in the staircase. She has passed away.