Lost Truth

Masoud Kia looses his wife and two children in an accident.

Reza Moghaddam passes away after years of suffering from post war chemical wounds and he’s left by Leila his wife and their six year old daughter, Setareh.

Peyman Ansari, a doctorate student has recently been married and his wife Maryam faces an unwanted pregnancy.

A look at three parallel lives destined to interact with each other in a love and hate relationship

Producer & Director
Mohammad Ahmadi

M. Ahmadi, Reza Khatibi, Mahmoud Gholami

Director of photography
M. Ahmadi

Mohammad Reza Darvishi

Asghar Shahverdi

Sound Mix
Behrouz Shahamat

M. Ahmadi, R. Khatibi

Abdollah Abdinasab
Hamid Farokhnejad …….. Masoud Kia
Parivash Nazariyeh………. Liela
Maryam rahbari…………… Sara
Ahmad Mehranfar………… Peyman

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